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Free National Rx Card is proud to provide our FREE prescription drug card to millions of Americans across the country who want to reduce their healthcare costs. We know this incredible program will benefit you and your family for years to come. Please help us by sharing this wonderful product and benefit with everyone you know.


A FREE discount prescription drug card entitling your family (including pets) substantial savings on your prescription drug costs up to 75% from pharmacy's usual and customary prices.

Our FREE discount prescription drug card will entitle you, your family, and your PETS to the following: 

  • Save Up to 75% off your prescription medications.
  • Unlike many other discount drug programs, Free National Rx Card is FREE to people of ALL AGES.
  • This card is good for the entire family.
  • This is NOT an insurance program or club membership.
  • Your Free National Rx Card simply entitles you to a discount off the price of your prescription drugs.
  • Save Up to 75% on your pet's medications, too!

Take Control Of Your Prescription Drug Cost! 

The Free National Rx Card

  • This card is active now, with NO ENROLLMENT required.
  • Accepted at over 80% of all pharmacies in the USA and Puerto Rico.
  • This card has unlimited use and WILL NOT EXPIRE.

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